Allison Paulose

Passionate Catholic, wife, marketer, novice blogger

Mission: To share spiritual nourishment with my fellow pilgrims on the journey to Heaven 

Years ago, when I was living in France, I was inspired to take up reflecting and journaling on the daily readings for 30 minutes every day for Lent.  Amazingly, I found that just 30 minutes of journaling helped clarify so much of what the God was trying to tell me.  While I began uniquely with reflections on scripture, I have found that journaling on any topic leads me to new insights. 


Today, I share my reflections with you, not as someone with any theological authority, but simply as a fellow pilgrim on this journey to Heaven.  I am not a priest or nun, and I do not have even an undergraduate degree in Theology. I simply humbly present to you what the Holy Spirit has graciously shared with me. 


My prayer is that these reflections help you in some small way… That maybe what you read today will be just what you needed to hear.  I hope that you will also see how accessible God is if we only give Him the time to speak to us.