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The transfiguration of our Lord is all about showing Jesus’ majesty.  The Jews probably would have recognized the similarity to the vision of Daniel, since they were all familiar with the words of the prophets. Everything is foreshadowed.  Jesus is seen in white splendor, just as his Father was in the book of Daniel. This suggests that Jesus is somehow related to God…which is a new and insane concept for the people of that time, even though we take it for granted now.

I find it interesting that the apostles didn’t tell anyone.  Perhaps they felt like no one would believe them. Or that they couldn’t explain it.  It’s also interesting that Jesus only took those three apostles. Why not all of them?  Wouldn’t it have made their faith even stronger? I suppose that is how life often is.  Some people seem to experience such obvious signs and miracles from God, while others struggle to see anything. Did those three have greater faith, and so only they COULD see the miracle? Or did they need it more than the others? 

Jesus, today is about Your incomprehensible radiance.  You are God. You belong with Him and are seated at the right hand of His throne. 

And yet, You are here. 

Placed in front of me for Eucharistic Adoration, You are small and vulnerable.  You, present in this little wafer, are at our mercy. Why would someone so grand, decide to become so small? I know the answer is simple…it’s because You love us.  Here on Earth, if we were to be confronted by Your full majesty, we would be stunned into silence.  We would probably be afraid, certainly intimidated to say the least.  

But here in this tiny form, You are approachable.  I am in awe but am not afraid.  I am quiet in reverence, but we are in deep conversation. 

I often think that I wish I could see some great sign of Your presence…that I could be like apostles on the mount with You when You were transfigured. But woe to me for not considering the enormous miracle right here before my eyes!  And what little impression it can sometimes make on me. Perhaps, while I think that if I saw You in all your glory, my faith would increase, in reality, if I saw You like that enough times, I would take that for granted as well and demand a still greater sign.


Jesus, open my eyes to the “little” miracles and signs that mark Your presence in my everyday life.  Help me to not take them for granted, but to be always appreciative of the many blessings You have given me. 


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