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A Couple's Journey from Birth Control to Natural Family Planning

Listen to Elliot and Emily Bauer walk through their journey from artificial contraception to Natural Family Planning. 

They discuss how they came to honor all of their wedding vows, to have greater respect for their bodies, to discover a deeper intimacy, and to trust in God.


Theology of the Body

Sympto-Thermal Method

Creighton Model

Marquette Method

A Physician's Experience with Infertility and Discovery of NaPro

Dr. Melissa Smith shares her personal journey with infertility and miscarriage and her ultimate joy at having discovered an effective and moral approach to promoting fertility -
Natural Procreative Technology.

A Man's Evolution from Impurity to Chastity and True Love

Listen to Bryan Cain discuss his painful experience of atheism, pornography addiction, and hook-up culture and his eventual growth in chastity.

He discusses how he came to find that embracing chastity meant discovering real joy and a more perfect love for his now-wife, Lisa


Theology of the Body

Fighting Pornography

Long-Term Effects of Cohabitation

15-Minute Old Testament

Do you want to know more about the Old Testament but are intimidated by its length? Do you feel like the Old Testament is irrelevant to your life as a Catholic? 

Read this 15-Minute guide to get highlights of the key events of the Old Testament in context, with explanations of their significance in the New Testament. 

You will gain a greater understanding for the importance of the Old Testament and an appreciation for all of our rich Salvation History.

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